Ah… Llandudno, so many childhood memories of going up and down the Great Orme in all weathers- thanks Dad. But they are fond memories and don’t we all want to recreate those memories with our own families?

So off we went for two nights, staying at a lovely B&B called Buxton House at the quieter end of town.
Had a really relaxing time and if you like Victorian seaside fun then I’d highly recommend it!

We did have some dodgy weather whilst there and during one downpour found a great little museum, called the Home Front Museum it’s even housed in what looks like an air raid shelter.

And of course the Pier! Really pretty with blue and white accents, but watch out for the seagulls! They are notorious in Llandudno and we saw one swoop down and hijack a girls ice cream like some kind of missile!

This is as close as I let the gulls get to us… I’m a bit of a lioness when it comes to protecting the munchkin!!
Just as a side note, in the background of the picture is the Grand Hotel which is featured in the film Yanks!


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